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Guaranteed rent, helping you make life easier...


We are one of a small number of organisations that have contracts with local authorities (councils) to provide them with residential accommodation.

We get paid directly by the councils who place households with us, so do not have to rely on the occupants of the property paying rent before we can pay you. We then pay you the rent we agree with you on a monthly basis, whether the property is occupied or not.

When we take your property on under the guaranteed rent scheme we will provide a full tenancy management service. This means we will deal with all aspects of letting the property and all tenants’ enquiries.

We also provide a property management service that includes maintaining the interior decorative condition of the dwelling. We have a dedicated property maintenance team that will carry out basic day to day maintenance as part of the contract.

As property owner you will still be responsible for the repair and upkeep of the fabric of the building – roof, walls, doors and windows, fixtures and fittings, drainage, space and water heating systems, and the ‘white goods’ - fridge, freezer, washing machine, cooker and oven. You are not required to provide a dryer (unless required to do so in the lease for flats), dishwasher or microwave oven, but if provided - for example if they are built into the kitchen - you will be responsible for the repair and upkeep of these.

Under our guaranteed rent scheme we can provide a full furniture pack and white goods with a one year manufacturers’ warranty.

We can also provide a bespoke or full property maintenance service, carrying out all the repairs that are the responsibility of the landlord.

We will agree all works with you before they are carried out, and can deduct the cost from rent payments. We will provide you with receipts for the work if required, for example if you need to recover the cost from your insurer. This is a particularly useful service for landlords who are based abroad and could find it difficult to organise and carry out repairs themselves.

Your property must be to the Decent Homes Standard of structural and decorative order before we take it on under this scheme. We will carry out a no obligation and no fee Property Inspection and Rental Valuation and inform you in writing of the work required to bring it up to the required standard. We can also arrange for this work to be carried out by our in house team or affiliated contractors.

Finally we also require some paperwork from you for all properties on the scheme. This includes Proof of Ownership (purchase completion statement or land registry document), Permission to Let (some banks and building societies require you to get their permission before you rent out homes with outstanding mortgages), Building Insurance (this must be kept up to date throughout the contract with us, you are not required to have contents insurance as this will be the occupiers’ responsibility).

We also require for each dwelling Energy Performance Certificate, Electrical Safety Certificate and Gas Safety Certificate. We can commission the certificates if required.

If you have any questions about the RHP Guaranteed Rent scheme please contact us and we will be happy to help, or book a free no obligation Property Inspection and Rental Valuation.

We are one of a small number of organisations that have contracts with local authorities